A Night for Gaza

A Night for Gaza

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  • Feb 04, 2024
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A Night for Gaza

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IQRA INTERNATIONAL is collaborating with international partners to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza amid the ongoing conflict. Our core objective is to deliver urgent medical assistance, essential food supplies, and daily necessities. Simultaneously, we are committed to building local capacities for the enduring development of the Palestinian health and education sectors.

Our vision extends beyond immediate relief efforts; we aspire to cultivate a sustainable future for orphans and individuals grappling with disabilities resulting from the impacts of war. By addressing immediate needs and fostering long-term growth, IQRA INTERNATIONAL aims to contribute significantly to the well-being and resilience of the affected communities in Gaza. Join us in making a lasting impact and supporting the journey towards a more stable and prosperous future.

Tragically, the toll of the ongoing conflict in Palestine is devastating, with over 25,000 Palestinians losing their lives and more than 65,000 sustaining injuries. This alarming figure is expected to rise rapidly as airstrikes persist, and a heartbreaking 50% of the casualties are innocent children.

In the West Bank, the impact is profound, with over 330 fatalities and more than 2,700 individuals left injured.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is dire, marked by the destruction of tens of thousands of homes, forcing 4 in 5 people to flee. Seeking refuge in schools and hospitals, these displaced individuals are in urgent need of food and essential survival items. Additionally, the overcrowded conditions and poor sanitation have given rise to serious health concerns, including reported outbreaks of Hepatitis A—a highly contagious disease that adds to the growing health risks faced by the civilians in Gaza.

Compounding these challenges is the near collapse of the healthcare system, attributed to the widespread destruction of hospitals. The operational medical facilities are grossly inadequate and overcrowded, with reports of centers accommodating three times their intended patient capacities. The dire circumstances demand immediate attention and support to alleviate the suffering and address the growing health risks faced by the vulnerable population in Gaza.

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No child should get sik or die for lack of a vitamin that costs less than $1.